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Arqus Research Focus Forum: Changing Socities - Dimensions of Europeanization



Friday, 13.05.
Rathaus Graz, Stadtsenatssitzungssaal, Hauptplatz 1, 8010 Graz

15:00  Registration 

16:00  Welcome Adresses
            Anna Robosch, City Councellor
            Joachim Reidl, Vice-Rector for Research and Career Development
            Florian Bieber, Speaker Field of Excellence Dimensions of Europeanization

16:30  Round Table Discussion – The Future of Europe in Light of the Russian War against Ukraine
            Moderation: Florian Bieber (Director, Center for Southeast European Studies)
            Olesya Khromeychuk, Director, Ukrainian Institute London
            Vedran Džihić, Senior Researcher, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Vienna
            Velina Tchakarova, Director, Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy, Vienna
            Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive, European Policy Centre, Brussels

Rathaus Graz
18:30  Reception


Saturday and Sunday: SZ 15.22, Bauteil G, 2nd floor – registration and meeting point 

Saturday, 14.05. – Panels A
HS 15.06, Bauteil F, ground floor

09:15  Panel 1A: Linguistic diversity: centers and peripheries
            Moderation: Jakob Wiedner (University of Graz)
            Moving the Center from Europe and Back to Europe: Language, Culture and Worldviews from the Margins
            Bruno Ribeiro Oliveira (University of Granada)
            Architectures of Language and Memory in Vojvodina
            McKenna Marko (University of Michigan) (online)
             The Loss of Traditional Multilingual Ecologies in Post-Imperial Southeast European Societies:
            Experiences from Novi Sad and Plovdiv

            Giustina Selvelli (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
            Europe on stage The theatrical language as a form of plurality and an opportunity for integration
            Francesco Puccio (University of Padua)

10:45                                         – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria–

11:15 See: Saturday, 14.05. Presentation – Information & Support for EU funding opportunities 
            and Panel Discussion: Critical European Studies at HS 15.04

13:00                                         – lunch break at ReSoWi cafeteria–

14:00  Panel 2A: Legal framework for women‘s and LGBTQ+’s equality
            Moderation: Martina Braunegger (University of Graz)
            Anti-genderist Russian Propaganda and its Effect on Sex Education Discourse in Lithuania
            Akvilė Giniotaitė (Vilnius University)
            The crisis of democracy and the degradation of LGBTIQ+ people’s rights in Hungary
            Inés Fernández-Caba (University of Granada) (online)
            Constructing the EU’s Gender Equality Agenda on Post-socialist East
            Leda Sutlović (independent scholar)

15:30                                          – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria –

16:00  Panel 3A: MSC-Individual-Fellowships – best practices
            Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj (University of Graz)
            Bernhard Bauer (University of Graz)
            Yvonne Zivkovic (University of Graz)
            Dorian Jano (University of Graz)
            Nejra Nuna Čengić (University of Graz)


Saturday, 14.05. – Panels B, Joint Presentations, Panel Disscussion and Key Note Address
HS 15.04, Bauteil E, ground floor

09:15  Panel 1B: Democratization and Europeanization in the Context of Centre-Periphery Relations
            Moderation: Kailey Rocker (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
            From Squares to Neighbourhoods: Turkey’s Democratization Attempts from Below in the Afterlife of
            Gezi Uprisings

            Derya Özkaya (University of Graz)
            The challenged localities of the South-Eastern European peripheries in the context of the process
            of Europeanization

            Sanja Petkovska (University of Belgrade)
            „(Re)bordering Europe? The Impacts of Brexit on the UK-EU Border“
            Cedric Jürgensen (Leipzig University)

10:45                                            – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria–

11:15  Presentation – Information & Support for EU funding opportunities
            Philipp Weißert (University of Graz)

11:30  Panel Discussion: Critical European Studies
            Moderation: Florian Bieber (Director, Center for Southeast European Studies)
            Bilgin Ayata (University of Graz)
            Elena Arigita (University of Granada) (online)
            Ieva Giedraityte (Vilnius University) (online)

13:00                                             – lunch break at ReSoWi cafeteria –

14:00  Panel 2B: (De)europeanisation Processes in Central and Southeastern Europe
            Moderation: Zuzana Bodnárová (University of Graz)
            Europeanization without conviction: the case of Hungary’s foreign policy since 2010
            András Hettyey (University of Public Service Budapest)
            Europeanization of national educational policies – The case of Croatia
            Ružica Jurčević (University of Zagreb)
            Europeanization of public discourse in Albania
            Dorian Jano (University of Graz)

15:30                                              – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria –

16:00  Panel 3B: The Complimentary and Competing Dynamics of European and National Identity
            Moderation: Elena Marchevska (London South Bank University)
            Member States’ Perception of the European Union: A Shared Identity that does not Unite?
            Nerija Putinaite (Vilnius University) (online)
            Transformation and Europeanization of Montenegrin Identity in the Post-Yugoslav Era
            Nikola Zečević (University of Donja Gorica)
            Framing Georgia as European – Identification Through the Eyes of Country’s Political Leaders
            Vilius Mackinis (Vilnius University)

17:45  Key Note Address:
            Financing the High-Energy Transition: The United States and the Marshall Plan in Postwar Austria
            Prof. Marc Landry, Associate Director of Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for
            European Studies (Moderation: Roberta Maierhofer) (online)


Sunday, 15.05. – Panel A
HS 15.06, Bauteil F, ground floor

09:30  Panel 4A: European Processes of Mobility and Transformation
            Moderation: Agnes Grond (University of Graz)
            What’s Europe got to do with it? Rethinking student mobility and European identity
            Eva Seidl (University of Graz)
            Fluid Identities and Digital Alliances: How Balkan Influencers are Recreating Yugoslavia and Contributing to
            Reconciliation in the Region

            Ivana Stepanovic (Institute of advanced studies Köszeg & Institute of Criminological and Sociological
            Research in Belgrade, Serbia)
            People and Places - Transformations of Community Welfare in the Process of Deinstitutionalisation of
            Care Services

            Rasa Geniene (Vilnius University)

11:00                                              – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria –

11:30  Panel 5A: Multilingualism in Literature, Film and the Arts
            Moderation: Derya Özkaya (University of Graz)
             The medium of film as a multimodal production: Kaleidoscope of togetherness – the migrant cinema
            in Germany

            Sevil Celik Tsonev and Franziska Schleyer (University of Graz)
            Accented Territories – “Hungarian Transborder Literature” as a Medium of Multilingual Cultural Memory
            Mónika Danél (Eötvös Loránd University)

13:00                                               – lunch break at ReSoWi cafeteria –


Sunday, 15.05. – Panel B
HS 15.04, Bauteil E, EG

09:30  Panel 4B: Globalization and its Challengers
            Moderation: Florian Bieber (Director, Center for Southeast European Studies)
            Governing globalization in a multipolar world: the European Union and the United States in the
            WTO multilateral system

            Lucia Coppolaro (University of Padova) (online)
            Attitudes towards migration: how psychological factors determine differences in political stances
            Dominykas Ragelis (Vilnius University)
            European Defense Industrialization Process in the Twenty-First Century: The Galileo Satellite Program
            Özde Asli Akbay (University of Vienna)
            Sustainability Transformation and its Change Process Pathyways. Affecting the transatlantic relation
            between Europe and US.

            Vincent Heidinger (University of Graz) 

11:00                                               – coffee break at ReSoWi cafeteria –

11:30  Panel 5B: Transnational Linguistic Communities
            Moderation: Hermine Penz (University of Graz)
            A comparative view on the Romani-based mixed varieties in Europe
            Zuzana Bodnárová and Jakob Wiedner (University of Graz)
            Social media as experimental spaces for linguistic minorities: Şexbizinî facebook groups
            Agnes Grond (University of Graz)
            Linguistic Plurality and the integrations of migrant signers into the Austrian Deaf Community
            Julia Gspandl (University of Graz)
            From multilingualism to a national language – (un)successful national project of Polish – Lithuanian Karaite
            community in 20th – 21st century

            Dovile Troskovaitė (Vilnius University)

            Concluding Remarks

13:00                                        – lunch at ReSoWi cafeteria –


The organizers thank the Arqus University Alliance and the University of Graz‘s Vice-Rectorate for Research and Career Development as well as the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law for their support.

We would also like to thank our sponsors: Steiermärkische Sparkasse, AVL, Land Steiermark and the city of Graz.



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